About Crypto Trades
Through the years our trading strategy evolved into unbreakable complex, built on strict risk management rules, classical technical and fundamental analysis, and market manipulation theory.

All that together combined with experience allows us to spot opportunities and convert them into profitable trades with stable results*.
* over 95% success rate for fixed 5% profit. Average profit per trade 30-40% (based on overall 2019 signals statistic reports).
What we do?
Everyday we work hard to find the best trades and give the most accurate forecast in a simple signal.
Technical Analysis
Top quality technical analysis on Bitcoin and other crypto assets that can help you gain profits in any market conditions. For free.
Premium Channel
Enter profitable trades before anyone else spot them and exit before the sell off starts. Join Premium Chat to receive personal assistance, advises and support.
Individual analisys
Premium Chat allows you to ask for technical analysis of any coin you like. We will advise if it worth taking a risk or not. Good ones will be posted at the main channel, so you will move the market yourself.
Our premium channel supports Cornix bot which can follow signals in automatic mode.
Scalping bot
Fully automated scalping bot at 3commas.io. Targeting 3-5% profit per 1 trade at least. Up to 20 trades can be running at the same time.
Here are some results of our premium forecasts
And some feedbacks from our clients